A visionary page-turner! We must tell new stories if we’re going to wake up and heal, and Awake: The Legacy of Akara is one of those stories.


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Awake: The Legacy of Akara is a fabulous, pulse-quickening adventure as well as a spiritual road map toward an evolved humanity. In the midst of a grand quest that spans the cosmos, it offers a vision that raises us out of this time of uncertainty, divisiveness and upheaval toward a time of miracles, happiness, and oneness. Get this book and raise your vibration!


#1 New York Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Happy for No Reason

In a time of apocalyptic crisis, it is a healing experience to read this luminous book. We are clearly in a state of need for an evolutionary vision of who and what we yet may be. This is a book of healing, of insightful story into the possibilities that remain for us and our world. We are looking at another world that works. What appears here as science fiction is actually spiritual guidance and a way to create and re-generate our own time and planet.


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I dare you to put this book down before you absolutely collapse into sleep at night! It’s a riveting adventure with a profound and important message especially for the challenging times we are living through now. The Akarans, a fascinating and evolved race of beings, bring blessings of wisdom and love to Earth—divine assistance that we could certainly use right now. If we use this book as an allegory for our own path toward an evolved humanity, it could help us transcend the current consciousness on the planet and experience the kind of enlightened civilization that we are capable of. If you enjoy a blockbuster story and are at all concerned with the future, I urge you to read Awake: The Legacy of Akara. I bet you’ll be awakened by it!


President of the University of Santa Monica and Co-Author of Loyalty to Your Soul and Remembering the Light Within

Truly brilliant! Like classic science fiction films such as Star Wars and The MatrixAwake: The Legacy of Akara has a spiritual theme and beloved archetypes that go to the heart of the hero’s journey. It affirms our sense that technology without spirituality leads to dystopia and extinction, very real possibilities in today’s world. Awake portrays spiritual development not as adopting a set of beliefs, but as realizing our deeper potential, including extraordinary abilities, by more fully embodying the “Wisdom”—the fundamental field of infinite energy, intelligence, and creativity from which the universe and our individual lives emerge. With a generous dose of fast-paced action, the story stimulates not just our adrenals, but also our minds, hearts and souls. I loved the book and believe it is destined for the big screen.


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Few stories have the power to permeate the collective unconscious with a truly new paradigm, and to set the imagination free from the consensus reality we have become habituated to. This is one such story. Awake: The Legacy of Akara is a full-on heart-pounding sci-fi thriller with a profound spiritual message for humanity. In order to save the world, the characters learn to trust and connect to something beyond themselves, “the Wisdom” that pervades the universe. Many crises on Earth today stem from our own inability to connect to this wisdom, and it has resulted in apocalyptic suffering; the inevitable result of the egoic mind running amok. Akara, an alien world that has gone through the same historical trials as Earth, offers both a mirror for humanity in this moment of history and a possible path of redemption and evolution of human consciousness.


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Awake: The Legacy of Akara is a dazzling spiritual science fiction that offers the reader a rich and engaging storyline as well as a deeper message about the collective awakening of humanity. It aims to show us a glimpse of what our destiny may hold, and what it will take us to get there, while delivering a message of hope and inspiration. Truly a must read in every regard.


Spiritual Teacher

Awake: The Legacy of Akara is absolutely brilliant and possibly one of the most important epic tales to be told since Star Wars or The Matrix. It is equally deserving of the big screen. Containing a message that is both timely and essential, this story brings much needed insight, wisdom and hope for humanity at this critical time on Earth. We know the power stories hold—they shape our culture. Now more than ever we need a story that has the capacity to reshape our future. This story has that power. What an extraordinary adventure!


Spiritual Teacher, Author of Buddha on the Dance Floor and Awakening You

A remarkable story empowering our innate ability to wake up to a prophecy of light versus a prophecy of darkness. Awake: The Legacy of Akara is a fast-paced science fiction adventure and quest to discover our authentic self beyond our egoic identity so we can evolve and dream a new beautiful dream for Earth. This book is just the inspiration we need right now. Awake is engaging and a must read!


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Brilliantly written. This is the very best that sci-fi has to offer, expertly woven with suspenseful adventure, humor, heart and deep wisdom. Through masterful storytelling the vivid, unforgettable characters sweep you up into an un-putdownable, entertaining journey that cleverly invites the reader to reflect on themes that are as old as time, but more relevant today than ever. Eagerly awaiting the next book in what is certain to be a wildly successful series!


Co-Creator of the films Samadhi: The Illusion of the Self (Part 1) and It’s Not What You Think (Part 2)

Awake: The Legacy of Akara is a beautifully written and a delightful and creative expression of how we can live on the Earth from wholeness and love; how we can wake up from the illusion of separation, our own Ravaging Era. This message is of vital importance to us all at this time.


Spiritual Teacher in the Adyashanti Lineage

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