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Our mission

  • Encourage the awakening of consciousness on the planet through fun, spiritual storytelling
  • Seed the radical and exciting idea that it will take only one percent of the population to shift in order for us to reach a tipping point that changes our trajectory toward an evolved humanity (see The Rebirthing page for more about this)
  • Offer an uplifting and inspiring alternative to the current glut of dark, egoic entertainment that portrays the worst possible vision of human beings
  • Spark a movement in publishing and filmmaking that includes visionary and spiritual storytelling. Stories have always been an important way to portray who we are and what we can become, but lately story has far too often been hijacked by the ego. We want to change this.

We know these are really big and lofty intentions, but we feel like we, as human beings, need a big vision if we are going to live into a drastically different future. In order to change our world, we must start telling new stories. As media scientist George Gerbner stated, whoever “tells the stories of a culture really governs human behavior.”

You can support us by telling other people about the book. Give it as gifts. Put it on your social media. Shout it from the rooftops.

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Design Credits

Cover design by Ruslan Us
Torus art by Anamaria Stefan
Map art by Carlos G. Rios

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