The Rebirthing

Earth is not a ruined planet. Let the Rebirthing Begin!

Akara, a planet in the Pleiades cluster, is home to a civilization far more evolved than our own.

However, a thousand years ago the Ravaging Era raged. It was a time of toxic greed, rampant warfare, and environmental devastation. Akarans were on the brink of extinction. Out of the turmoil, a critical mass of beings experienced an awakening, which sparked a spontaneous shift in consciousness across the planet and ushered in the Rebirthing.

On Earth, we can experience our own rebirthing

We too can experience a shift in consciousness across the planet before we get to the level of devastation that Akara faced.

The great news is that we don’t need to wait until the entire human population “wakes up” or has a profound evolutionary leap in consciousness for us to avert a continued Ravaging on our planet and to emerge into a Rebirthing. Here’s how …

There’s a phenomenon that is seen across science, sociology, and metaphysics: when a small percentage of a population has a shift, a threshold is reached that creates a tipping point (also known as a coherence effect or a phase transition) amidst the larger population.

This is the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, global change.

Examples of tipping points and phase transitions in science

  • Only a small percentage of the iron fibers in a group need to be exposed to a magnetic field in order for all the fibers to become magnetized—having become attracted to the pull of an intense forcefield.
  • Only a tiny fraction of diffuse photons of light (the square root of 1%)  need to become aligned in order to pull the surrounding photons into a laser beam—a more concentrated, powerful form of light.
  • When water reaches the critical temperature of 212°F/100°C, it transitions into steam—something light and free and much less dense.

EArth's tipping point

There can be no doubt that we are at the precipice of a tipping point and in the midst of a phase transition on the planet right now. So many world events of late, as well as many spiritual teachers and teachings, point to a massive shift happening, and as we have seen, this can look like extreme turbulence. Like water just before it comes to a full boil, it looks like mass chaos, but then, at a certain tipping point when the water is hot enough, the chaos shifts, and what arises is steam—something of a completely different order.

From where we stand now, it can look impossible to emerge out of the upheaval of rampant, unconscious, egoic behavior before irreversible cataclysmic events take us past a point of no return. If redirecting our trajectory required a linear progression of change among the human population, that would be true. But it doesn’t.

If enough people have a transformation in consciousness, we can create a tipping point across the planet, similar to the way water turns to steam. It is out of this evolved human consciousness that new leadership, ways of living, technologies, and ideas will arise to both eliminate and address the myriad issues we face today.

The quantum science of awakening

In Awake, Mobius explains that on his planet “quantum scientists found that individual consciousness affects the collective. Once a sufficient number of the Wise Ones realized their oneness, a critical mass was reached, which created a coherence effect on the field of consciousness across the planet…. The threshold for the evolutionary leap in consciousness on Akara was found to be one percent of the population.”

The one percent threshold in the novel was inspired by large meditation studies conducted by the TM movement. These studies show that one percent of a population meditating regularly (and even as low as just the square root of one percent) produced statistically significant decreases in crime rates, car accidents and suicides as well as increases in other social indicators of peace and harmony in the surrounding area.

The rebirthing movement

The Rebirthing is a movement to support humanity in arriving at a one percent threshold of people on the planet who are awake to their true nature, which is love, oneness and wisdom.

We awaken through devotion to spiritual practices, particularly meditation, which allows us to enter the silent stillness. It is there that we discover our true, eternal nature, which lies beyond our thinking mind, our physical bodies, and the external world of ever-changing experience. We also must do our own personal shadow work that heals personal, intergenerational, and karmic patterns in the psyche.

At this point in history, we have experienced the same conflicts and dramas long enough to know we are not getting anywhere with the old ways of being. We can choose to stop the madness and realize that there is no other game on Earth but awakening. When enough of us do, we can raise the vibration on the planet sufficiently to affect the whole.

What kind of a life lies in wait for us after such a phase transition? The mind can’t fully grasp the miraculous and magical possibilities of what we can become, but there is no doubt it will look a lot more like Akara after the Rebirthing than it does now!

Stay tuned for blogs and more discussion on this fascinating subject!

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